Fall Graduations

Last Weekend was a buuusy one for me. December Graduations are almost on us, and it seemed as though EVERYbody wanted to shot at the same time lol. Six shoots, Two days, and no sleep was actually fun, and I liked the results… Here are some of the pics I liked, as well as some of the invitations we made. Hope you like them, let me know your thoughts!

Hatice + Theo

Still new @ this, but I’ll keep learning and getting better… but for my 2nd Blog update….

I was given the opportunity to go to New Orleans and shoot an engagement session for a couple I met while in College… (oddly, I went to UH, he went to Sam Houston, we went to A&M… I met them seperately and had NO CLUE they knew one another until they were engaged)…

I shot with my colleague, and there is so much to shoot in the Cresent City, we didn’t know where to start, but ended up at Audubon Park, City Park, and the French Quarter. Here are some of my faves.

Recent Activity…

Wow, my first actual post since I started this. I’ve received help from a friend to keep me on track with this so I hope to provide your eyes with what you’ve been anticipating to see since February….. of 09!

I’m new and inexperienced @ blogging; hopefully it will become more fluid in the coming weeks…

And to start it off:
I was recently given the opportunity to shoot a reception for Cassie + Rick Rauch at Butler Courtyard in League City, TX. Wonderful, fun-loving couple… wish them all the best.