Hi, I am Jamaal, a Houston and New Orleans-based professional photographer. Most who know me know that I first started out taking photos of nightlife. I had a camera but didn't use it to its full potential. As time progressed, the nerd in me took over. I learned my camera inside and out and started to find my creative niche by working on every method I could to take high-quality portraits. Not too long after, I decided to go full-time with my new-found passion.

I am always learning and growing, and I firmly believe that the only way for me to stay relevant as a photographer is to be humble, hungry and continue refining my skills and artistic eye. I give everything I have every time I am behind the lens, and I look forward to working with others who are also passionate about their craft. As of January 2024, I have been the primary photographer for over 200 weddings.

Outside of weddings, you will find me: - Shooting live music - which I truly have a passion for - On the soccer pitch. I am still actively playing on a few teams, and have been for over 30 years - Travelling - I get away from the hustle and bustle of the city as often as I can.

Studio 1306

In 2007 I made the decision to go full time with my new found passion. In 2010 Studio 1306 opened with the primary photographer being Jamaal Ellis. I made the decision to move into the studio in Downtown Houston so I could further delve into what has become my art and my passion. In 2022, We moved to our current location in the Museum district.

Jamaal Ellis

A tenacious, loving and energetic photographer who enjoys grabbing his camera and showing how he sees the world.