Most who know me, know I started taking nightlife pictures with Indmix.com… I would liken that to playing checkers. As time progressed, I learned my camera, and started to find my creative niche. Then, I started playing chess… working on every method I could to take truly quality portraits.

In February of 2010, j.vince studios opened with the primary photographer being Jamaal Ellis. We made the decision to move into the studio Downtown so we could further delve into what has become my art and my passion. I have not been keeping up with this page as much as I should, but that, you will see, is soon to change of j.vince photography.

We are learning and growing, and believe the only way for a photographer to stay relevant is to stay humble, hungry, and to continue honing their skills and artistic eye.

We give everything I have every time we are behind the lens, and are looking for others who are passionate about their craft. With that said, we are definitely looking forward to working with many that we meet here.

We specialize in Weddings, Live Music, and Studio work. Please inquire for rate and for any other services you may need.



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